I know…I’m late. Here’s a list of reasons why: 1. Hangover 2. Delayed flights 3. Missing baggage 4. Jetlag (actually all of them are true, in exactly that order 😉 )


Our last day started at one of San Francisco’s finest addresses: Mission Street One, home to Salesforce.
Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM system and much more. Marc Benioff, founder and CEO, envisions his company as a family. The Hawaiian word for family is ’ohana. This mindset strongly translates to the corporate culture. Co-workrs look after each other and help each other to reach goals. But this mindset is also the reason why Salesforce decided to stay within the San Francisco city limits and not move to the Silicon Valley. As you may have noticed many big players have a large campus and basically offer anything you would want: from free food to beautiful architecture, free gym and other sport facilities. It’s nice to have everything just minutes way from your desk BUT on the other hand this drains activity and life from local communities. No one attends Yoga courses at the studio around the corner or goes for lunch at the small cafe down the street anymore. As Salesforce takes ’ohana one step further they also understand that corporations should be a part of the community. That’s why they’re still in San Francisco and that’s also the reason why they give back to the community in so many ways. Yes, you could simply donate some money (they certainly have a lot of that)  buts Salesforce goes even further. Every employee has seven days per year that they must spend on charity. You can decide for yourself what project you would like to support, it can even be abroad, but you are obliged to spend those seven days to help others and make the world a better place. That’s really progressive, even for European standards.

As many businesses already have an existing ERP software such as SAP for example, salesforce can also be used with other systems. They made it sound as a nice gesture towards other ERP and CRM solutions. If you think about it, Salesforce really had no other choice than making their CRM open to other systems as well. Changing an ERP is a pain in the ass and expensive as well. No business would embark this task just to get a better CRM system.


What I really liked about the presentation at Salesforce other than their ’ohana philosophy was their presentation style and the Trailblazers program. Trailblazers are customers and employees alike. On trailhead.salesforce.com you’ll find more than 140 self study modules. This online-based self study platform enables customers, developers, employees but also future employees to gain deeper insight in Salesforce’s tools. But what’s really cool is that they also offer modules on storytelling, AI and innovation. Anybody can take those modules and earn badges. Guess what? Salesforce also recruits from that platform. So make sure you already got some badges when applying for a position at Mission Street One 😉

I’m on a boat!img_5839

In the afternoon we had some time off and decided we would want to see the Golden Gate Bridge. Unfortunately the fog thought it would be really funny if he lingered around the damn bridge all day. But non the less we had a nice walk up to the Yacht Club and a fun Uber ride back to Fishermans Warf.

In the evening we had a boat tour scheduled that would take us around the Bay Area. It was the perfect ending to a great week. A magical sunset, food, beer, good company and most important: live music! Actually the live music made it really special. We instantly fell in love with the artist! He was playing covers on his guitar and in the end we decided we should get a CD. As we were about to buy it, he then mentioned that on the CD we would find his songs only, no cover versions 😦 We bought one nevertheless, but to be honest his own songs are not slightly as good as his cover versions.


After the boat tour we ended up in an Irish Pub. After some beers and ciders we moved to the upstairs floor where we were promised an 80’s party. The music was beyond bad and basically no one would want to dance to that….kinda killed the vibe totally. Some of us then decided to have another beer and get an Uber home after that.

The others…well…we ended up in a club down the road. And on top of that we scored a ride in a stretch limo back to the hotel 😉

This sums up my Friday night:



It’s time to say Goodbye to my Silicon Valley ’ohana. Thanks everyone for the #goodtimes !! Hope you enjoyed reading my little blog and thank you for your feedback along the way! It’s been tough sometimes to stay up late at night and write but it was totally worth it!

XOXO Gossip Jojo


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