My oh my…what a day! 

Today all of us had the opportunity to pitch real startups in front of VCs as well as the founders at the Hero City office. It’s been great to get feedback from people that see thousands of pitches per year. So be sure those guys will detect bullshit pretty fast.

img_5260So here’s what’s really important:

  • Angels and VCs invest in the founders rather than in the product.
  • Have a strong, streamlined and well designed presentation.
  • Show effect and magic actually doesn’t include real „effects“
  • Storytelling
  • Dare to go big! VCs won’t even take you serious if you’re revenue after 5 years is below 50 Mil.
  • Your team is one of the most important things to investors! Don’t be shy…brag about your experience and achievements.


500 Startups


We actually felt we did really ok with our pitch….boy, we were so naive! Those pitches were next level compared to our neat presentations.

serenewellness-comTo keep it short: walk on music, cheering and kickass pitches. I’m still startled by the energy that has filled the room.

Trends in Batch 18 at 500 Startups:

  • Insurance
  • Coworking-Spaces
  • Healthcare
  • Digitalizing Farmers
  • Bots & AI



Events like this one are a great opportunity to get to know a lot of people in a very short amount of time. Definitely the wrong place and time to be shy! Natasa Deutinger from the fhstartup Center got the chance to go to KPCB Oktoberfest and meet Arielle Zuckerberg, who is obviously Mark Zuckerberg Sister and a Angel Investor.



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