I know…I’m late. Here’s a list of reasons why: 1. Hangover 2. Delayed flights 3. Missing baggage 4. Jetlag (actually all of them are true, in exactly that order 😉 ) Salesforce Our last day started at one of San Francisco’s finest addresses: Mission Street One, home to Salesforce. Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM system…

Schweizer Käse

swisscom The day started at the outpost of swisscom. For all of us non-swissonians: swisscom is like the Telekom in Germany or A1 in Austria. For the first time we actually got an introduction into the Valley’s beginning and history. Do you even Google, Bro? Yes, alright, we could easily look that up in no…


Wait, what is actually on that USB stick???????????


Adobe, Stanford, Google – running, biking and swimming. You probably know that sports are a big thing here in the US. So to stay true to the American lifestyle it’s been a sporty kinda day for me. That being said… READY, SET, GO! Adobe The day started in San Francisco at Adobe. We got a…


My oh my…what a day!  Today all of us had the opportunity to pitch real startups in front of VCs as well as the founders at the Hero City office. It’s been great to get feedback from people that see thousands of pitches per year. So be sure those guys will detect bullshit pretty fast….

#aintnobodygottimefor „Corporate Development“


First things first: I am not going to go into too much detail about all the companies we visited. Let’s be honest #aintnobodygottimeforthat I will share with you what has struck me the most, has been the most interesting or the most fun. I’ll also include a tech tweet and the buzzword of the day….

So far…SoCal

Oh #beautifulCalifornia you have treated me well thus far. Sun rays, Palm trees and salty Ocean breezes. By now all of us have arrived in San Francisco and I am looking forward to our kick off meeting later this day. XOXO Jojo